My Custom Band Merch has a new site!

January 17, 2009 | Merch Expert

Hey everyone out there.  We just got our new site up and running and are excited to see what the new year brings to us.  We have tried to make this site as easy to follow as possible and pretty straight forward.  We are hoping to meet a bunch of new bands this year and continue to work with all of our old friends.  All of our pricing that is listed on the site is up to date and can be used for an estimate of the total cost of your order.  We have also added a new quote form so you know exactly what questions will be asked of you when you place a quote or an order.

We are glad to finally get this site up and are planning to update this blog frequently with news, pictures of new merch we are printing, tutorials on how to print and design and much more.  Thanks to everyone that helped get this new site up.  Look forward to hearing from new and old friends alike.

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