Helping bands since 2008

What started as passion for music and art, led into 5 years of working with thousands of bands across the country. In 2008, owner Scott Cline decided to leave the recording side of the music industry and focus on the merchandise end of the spectrum. Cline, with his background of being in multiple bands and creating all the artwork for their merchandise was familiar with the process of screen printing but did not know all the ins and outs. “I decided to sell my recording equipment and dive into a printing press package. I had no idea what I was doing, but with a ton of reading and watching tutorials, I finally got the hang of it.”

In late 2008, Cline decided that the best way to get a hold of bands was by creating a website that bands could find his services. “The site took off really quick. I remember barely having the site up and in the first couple weeks getting several orders. It got me really excited.” Since that time, My Custom Band Merch began to include a full array of products, not just apparel. My Custom Band Merch offers everything under the sun – banners, scrims, stickers, buttons, bracelets, and more.

Our philosophy on merch

There comes a time that every band will need merch. Whether you have been playing for years or only a couple of months, the realization that fans are demanding something with your name or logo on it is both exciting and motivating. Thus begins the search for who can produce this merchandise. After much research, we find that many of the bands we work with have no idea who to go to, what is a good price, and are not able to buy everything they need from the same company. Our philosophy is simple – make it as easy as possible for bands to find all the products they are looking for in one company, know they are getting a great price, and the ability to create and order their merch right away on our site. There is no need to create additional hurdles for a band when getting the merch they need.

Quality you can take to the bank

We pride ourselves in giving you high quality merchandise whether it is t-shirts, hoodies, zipups, hats, stickers and more. We realize that you worked hard for the funds to purchase your merch, therefore we want to give you the best product we can. By making our pricing fair and reasonable, bands are then able to sell and profit from their merch to maximize their investments. We love watching our bands sell out of their latest shirt at a show knowing they were able to make some serious money in the process. We have all been in bands and know the struggles that take place when trying to stay afloat. That is our commitment to every band we work with.